The Netaresearch is the process that leads to the development and possible success of a new Netarù cosmetic product. The Netaresearch involves the following steps:

Phase 1: individuation

We identify the ingredients and put on paper possible formulations, the production method and the packaging. Active Ingredients will be identified after a close Netareview™. We choose a name for the new product.

Phase 2: preclinic

We produce samples in the laboratory and perform all stability, microbiological and packaging compatibility tests. We test compatibility with the Netarù Cream. If the product is a mixture, we select 3 formulations.

Phase 3: clinical

Clinical Phase 1: internal to the company

We test the products within the company on volunteers. If the tests do not reveal skin incompatibility problems, the product enters the market (The Netarelease). If the product is a mixture, 3 products enter the market with 3 different formulations.

Clinical Phase 2: products placed on the market

The products are tried by consumers. Based on the reviews, the community (The Netatribù) approves or disapproves the products and decides the winner among the 3 mixture products. The product that passes this stage will become “Netaregistered” and will show the circled N symbol next to its name.

Phase 4: Netareport

We write a report, The Netareport, that describes the results of the Netaresearch.

Phase 5: Monitoring

Over time, new data are acquired regarding the efficacy and safety of the product. During the life of the product the following comparative studies (Netastudy) may be conducted:

  • Active product vs active product + cream: to evaluate the effect of the cream on the skin absorption of active products.
  • Active product vs active product base (with no actives)
  • Active product (powder) + cream vs only cream
  • Active product vs Active product
  • Different concentration of the active Ingredient in a specific base
  • Different quantities of active product