What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is an order that contains products that are not yet in stock (pre-order products).

Our philosophy is based on a limited production of pieces to always guarantee fresh products to the customer and not to over-fill the warehouses.

When we plan a production, we start offering our customers the ability to pre-order and purchase the product before it is available for sale. This way the product is pre-ordered and you are sure to have it after it has been made available for purchase.

Why preorder a product?

If you buy a pre-order product, you can be sure of having it immediately as soon as it is produced and made available for sale. This way you are sure not to miss the available pieces and to receive a fresh product.

When will i receive the order?

Your pre-order will be shipped when the product is available. We usually give the option to pre-order products that will be manufactured within 30 days. For each pre-order product, the indicative date of availability is indicated on the product page and in the email sent to the customer after payment.

When will the pre-order payment be charged?

The pre-order amount is charged immediately when you place the pre-order.

Can i buy pre-order products with other items in a single order?

Of course, but if you wish to receive products that are already available and without pre-order as soon as possible we recommend that you place separate orders. On the other hand, ordering the available products together with the pre-ordered ones can delay the shipment of the entire order.

Can i cancel a pre-order?

We are aware that you may change your mind after placing a pre-order. If so, you can cancel it before shipping. Once your order has been shipped it is no longer possible to cancel it. So, if you change your mind you can contact our Customer Service and ask to cancel the pre-order. Furthermore, we remind you that it is always possible to return unwanted items within 30 days of delivery.

Can i change a pre-order?

Unfortunately pre-orders cannot be changed after payment. If you are absolutely urgent to change your pre-order, we recommend that you contact our Customer Service directly or place a new pre-order with the product to be added.