Karijami ® is the new Netarù brand created for cosmetic products based on shea butter and jojoba oil, two perfect ingredients for the skin.

Shea butter has been used for centuries in Africa for skin care, especially that of children. It is a very safe ingredient and is mainly used in the chocolate industry. It is a wonderful emollient and moisturizer that melts at body temperature. It protects the skin from the action of UV rays, prevents photo-aging and has been shown to increase collagen production.

Jojoba oil is obtained from the seeds of Simmondsia chinensis, a shrub native to Mexico and California. It does not contain triglycerides, typical of vegetable oils, but particular esters of fatty alcohols with fatty acids that give them unique properties: composition similar to our sebum (bio-mimetic) as well as stability at extreme temperatures and oxidation.

With these fabulous 2 ingredients you can formulate many types of cosmetics such as face creams, body creams, hand creams, sun creams, lip balms, eye contours, masks, hair products, makeup.