In September 2017, Alberto Dazzi, an Italian pharmacist, registered the trademark “Netarù” to start producing natural cosmetics. Dazzi had a hard time finding a word he liked because there were already so many registered trademarks. After several days of trying he creates an anagram of the English word “nature”.


Fortunately, this word was not registered and was not similar to other brands. Excellent!

The name is also the union of the ancient Hebrew word “Neta” which means “plant” and the Chinese character 入 which is pronounced “rù” and means “to become part of”. So, the meaning of Netarù would be “to become part of the natural world”.

In 2018 Dazzi makes a decision. Instead of producing the usual mass and standardized cosmetics, he begins to think about the best base cream that could be “customized” to adapt to people’s needs and tastes. After about two years of research, he found the right formula and launched the cream on the market under the name of Netarù Cream.