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Netarù Base Cream is an innovative face cream based on natural ingredients.

A base cream is a preparation for skin application consisting as much as possible of inert excipients but which has the ability to incorporate and transport active substances which are then released into the skin. The base cream is also able to exert a protective and emollient action that can promote the absorption of the active ingredients, prepare the skin for make-up or restore dry and irritated skin.

No, each base cream has its own characteristics. Netarù Base Cream was developed to have in particular:

  • broad compatibility with cosmetic active ingredients
  • light formula for the face
  • natural and biodegradable ingredients
  • no perfume or colorants

Of course!, Netarù Cream can be used alone to hydrate and protect the skin. In this case, we recommend it for oily skin as its formula is very light while for skins that need more hydration we recommend enriching it with an oil based on your needs.esigenze.

In general, Netarù Cream can be used with water-based or hydroglycerine-based serums, face oils, pure vegetable oils, natural fluid extracts or essential oils. We always recommend testing the mixture on a small part of the body first.

Yes, of course, Netarù actives are created and tested to be perfectly compatible with Netarù Cream. The acrives are available on the Products page.

By “natural” we mean a product whose ingredients are of vegetable or fermentation origin. The formula of the cream consists of 99% water and ingredients obtained from plants or through fermentation. Water, the main ingredient, is of Alpine origin.
All the ingredients are also easily biodegradable and do not accumulate in the environment.

Yes, Netarù Cream can be considered suitable for those people who generally experience burning, pain or itching of the skin following contact with cosmetics. The formula of the cream does not contain those substances that can trigger adverse reactions such as fragrances, dyes, alcohol or UV filters.

Netarù Cream is produced in Italy. The Italian company NETARU ‘SRL directly deals with both the production and marketing of Netarù brand cosmetic products

All Netarù products are packaged in violet glass or aluminum containers.

The violet glass:

  • it is pharmaceutical grade
  • better protect the contents from light. Radiation is one of the main alteration factors in cosmetics
  • it is 100% indefinitely recyclable
  • it does not absorb or release substances in the contained product
  • it is beautiful to look at and its surface is pleasant to the touch

Netarù has developed the boxes internally to ensure maximum protection of the glass containers and accessories during storage and dispatch to the customer. The cases are made of natural cardboard and the white interiors in vegetable microwave. The aluminum containers are protected by a thermally sealed bag.