An order is created automatically when a customer concludes the purchase procedure from the website www.netarucream.com/en (Netarù Cream Europe) by choosing, on the checkout page, payment with Card, PayPal or by Bank transfer. The system assigns a unique identification code to the order.

Each order has a status, a variable attribute that allows you to know where an order is from its generation to shipment.

The status of the orders is visible to all customers who register on the site, in the section of their account. In addition, any status changes are communicated to the email address indicated by the customer.

The states used are the following:

PENDING: order received but not yet paid. This status is visible for example when you log into your PayPal account but do not complete the payment.

FAILED: The payment was not successful. Some payment methods (for example Paypal) may not immediately go to this status but to the “waiting for payment” status.

ON-HOLD: order received but payment must be confirmed. This status is visible for example when you have chosen to pay by bank transfer and the payment has not yet been received.

PROCESSING: The payment has been received, the warehouse is preparing the order. Orders containing one or more products not yet available (hereinafter “pre-order products”) will be processed when all the products in the order become available in stock.

SHIPPED (COMPLETED): The warehouse has delivered the goods to the courier who provides for the transport. Depending on the courier, you may receive an email containing the tracking code to monitor your shipment and thus predict the day of delivery to your address

CANCELED: order canceled by the customer or by Netarù. The customer can cancel a pending or failed order by logging into his account if previously created. Netarù can cancel an order if it was not possible to deliver the products to the customer and 30 days have passed from the date on which the products of the order were returned to Netarù (termination of the contract).

REFUND: the order amount has been fully refunded to the customer.